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Founded in 1993 as an independent industry partner, CETECOM has always actively researched and been involved in developing telecommunications technologies. Today, CETECOM has evolved into a global service provider for consulting, testing and certification and works with customers of nearly every industry vertical on various innovative technologies. With locations across the globe, CETECOM is able to engage with its customers on a personal level while addressing customer needs to test, improve and certify their products. CETECOM’s test and service centers in Europe, North America, and Asia are equipped with cutting edge test systems from multiple manufacturers, and form a worldwide service network to ensure international standards are met. Continuous investments guarantee the company’s technical equipment keeps pace with new market developments.

Our knowledge, training, equipment, and a unique portfolio of services are constantly expanded and adapted for emerging technologies. CETECOM provides more than just testing. We are able to support at every stage of product development. As a member of numerous international bodies and industrial forums, CETECOM is also actively involved in the international standardization process of technologies. Our service goes far beyond verifying and certifying products. We support customers in setting and evolving the performance during Research and Development, ensuring that products meet expectations for regulatory, quality, health, environmental and safety standards for almost any market around the world. 

Whether it’s product certification or long-term business improvement solutions: CETECOM helps you to achieve your goals. We know the regulatory hurdles you face before you can launch your product on the market and we offer a wide range of services and solutions to help you developing and executing product testing plans to determine a product’s compliance status and master the increasingly complex regulatory issues of the international market.


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