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The technology world is changing fast and CETECOM is focusing on the fast moving environment as well. All the know-how we gathered over the years, all the experience in various technologies while working for customers of different sectors, make us predestined to help other parties in designing innovative products or services.


Regardless of whether it concerns industrial automation, medical engineering or consumer electronics, or whether the integrated radio module is based on GSM/GPRS, UMTS, WLAN/ Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, RFID or SRD, CETECOM is your partner to ensure compliance, fast market access and interoperability with other communication devices for the Industry 4.0.


In the automotive industry, the risks of liability are particularly high. For this reason all components and systems incorporated in vehicles must comply with regulatory requirements set by the authorities of the various countries and regions. In addition, each car manufacturer has customized requirements, be it the compatibility with other vehicle incorporated systems, or an interference free communication via incorporated bus systems. CETECOM provides a wide range of testing, certification and consulting services for the automotive industry, made possible through its many accreditations.


The financial market is developing rapidly, in particular contactless payment solutions. As a leading provider of testing and certification solutions for SmartCard, RFID and NFC applications, CETECOM offers a wide range of services to implement the type approval process for electronic payment devices and terminals. Whether you are public or private, terminal or card vendor, bank or payment association, CETECOM assists you with testing the validity and security of terminals, cards and referring applications intended for processing worldwide SmartCard transactions.


Connected Car features all topics relating to modern networked vehicles, offering comprehensive communication possibilities including car entertainment, driver information and safety-relevant driver assistance systems. The networking possibilities increased through the vehicle integration of apps, smartphones and WLAN hotspots. Along with the vehicle, the matching communication systems for the corresponding interaction are available for automobile manufacturers and third party service providers.

CETECOM’s comprehensive service portfolio includes Car2X, V2X, eCall, ERA-GLONASS, MirrorLink® and Smartphone Integration.


Manufacturers of consumer electronics must provide quality to guarantee the overall safety of end consumers. CETECOM helps to achieve certification and reduce time to market, while ensuring that your appliance meets a high level of quality, safety and reliability – even beyond regulatory requirements if necessary.


In the past, the industrialized countries have enjoyed inexpensive and plentiful energy supplies. It is only recently that the need has been recognized to further promote new and renewable energy technologies. By recognizing the huge importance of these new technologies, CETECOM has established a testing and certification center specialized in new and renewable energies. In spite of the strict safety standards referring to traditional energy applications the safety procedures for renewable energy technologies on large scale are still under development.


In the newly established state-of-the-art battery test center, CETECOM supports battery and car manufacturers in the safety qualification of high-capacity Li-Ion battery systems. CETECOM employs highly qualified battery specialists; the test facilities consist of separately secured premises, equipped to face the most extreme cases. The lab and test areas are continuously enhanced to follow the latest standards.


Our world is drastically influenced by the ongoing development of Information Technologies; IT devices evolve continuously. Whether you’re a manufacturer or an importer of IT equipment, CETECOM offers a wide range of testing and certification services and solutions to achieve fast and cost-effective certification and increase speed to market.


With rising demands for the delivery of goods, companies are looking for faster and cheaper means of delivery, as well as more accurate tracking capabilities. RFID solutions for the transportation and logistics industry help companies access more accurate and timely data to manage their assets, including warehouse tracking or vehicle visibility. Whether it concerns a warehouse route optimization and tracking system, an electronic toll collection tool, an RFID based e-toll system or a tracking system by means of satellite, CETECOM helps you in evolving systems that address regulatory and customer-specific requirements and assists you in defining the necessary certification process.


The M2M industry is all about connecting. For CETECOM, it is all about connecting with the major players in the industry – the module manufacturers, module integrators and network operators. These connections keep us at the forefront in testing and certification of M2M devices.

Offering our knowledge and comprehensive services, we ensure a quick turnaround time and all the necessary services needed to get your device out to market.


Modern health care is revolutionized by contactless power supply and wireless communication technologies, allowing inexpensive, continuous, ambulatory data transmission and health monitoring with real-time updates. Whether medical devices are equipped with RFID readers, RF telemetry modules or being integrated into wireless area networks, CETECOM helps you with expert consulting, testing and certification solutions to ensure that your product meets the required quality, health, environmental and safety standards for fast and cost-effective market access.


As a leading specialist for independent consulting, qualified testing and approved certification in the telecommunication and information technology industries, CETECOM is your dedicated partner to ensure your telecommunication devices reach global markets quickly, efficiently and cost-effective.

Whatever technology your product utilises and whatever frequency range you feel comfortable in.

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