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Specialist competence and neutrality in the field of communication technologies and renewable energies: this is the profile of the international CETECOM group. As a member of numerous international bodies and industrial forums, CETECOM involves actively in the international standardization process of new technologies. Our service goes far beyond inspecting and certifying products; we support customers in setting and evolving the performance, ensuring that products meet the expectations for regulatory, quality, health, environmental and safety standards for almost any market around the world.

Whether it's product certification or long-term business improvement solutions, CETECOM help you to achieve your goals. We know the regulatory hurdles you face before you can launch your product on the market. CETECOM offers a wide range of services and solutions to help companies develop and execute product testing plans to determine a product’s compliance status and master the increasingly complex regulatory issues of the international market.

Antenna Services

Wireless communication, whether in mobile telecommunication systems, medical devices, automotive applications or smart metering can only succeed when antennas function effectively. However, separately purchased antennas are not always right for the job. Range problems may occur, or antennas may not integrate properly into devices. Not to mention spurious emissions, display flicker, humming noise issues or even functional failures. CETECOM offers a wide variety of support services in this sector – from training programs, selection of antennas, up to developing tailor-made antennas and comprehensive testing.


For more than a decade CETECOM has been successfully supporting the mobile communications industry with its internet database TOM (Testing, Organization and Management Database). 

Among other services, TOM allows you to monitor your current projects with all relevant data from anywhere on the globe via the internet. You can also benefit from this leading globally-established software tool – which is approved by GCF and PTCRB – through optimized test procedures for your products, more efficient project management and faster product launches. TOM is suitable for manufacturers of mobile devices, testing companies and vendors of test systems. The tool has already supported and managed the testing processes of over 50 percent of mobile phones approved for sale on the market.


The „Wireless Test System“ WTS-80 is a small benchtop test system which can be used for measuring the development and optimizing purposes of spurious emissions and RF antenna performance of wireless devices such as e.g. cell phones, data cards or Wi-Fi USB sticks. The WTS-80 provides a shielded and repeatable measurement environment which allows a measurement of electro-magnetic radiation in 6 different directions in space.

Validation Services

CETECOM has its own team of specialists for the validation of test cases for all kinds of mobile communications test systems. Their comprehensive expert knowledge and their own years of experience in the testing of mobile communications devices and systems are the ideal basis for the fast, professional and successful conducting of validation projects. In this way, the involvement of our Validation Competence Centre as a neutral validation unit, independent of any manufacturer, can actively contribute towards optimising the quality of new test platforms and reducing time to market.

CETECOM's knowledge and experience in the selection, validation and handling of mobile communications test platforms are also channelled into the monitoring of customers' own systems should they so request. Our experts are available right from the outset for consultation on the appropriate measuring technology and the selection and assembly of the appropriate instruments. And once the equipment is running, we also offer continuous monitoring and calibration of test systems and individual devices. In this way, on the basis of the money-saving and optimisation concepts that we develop with our customers, the availability of test platforms can be increased and a lasting reduction of running costs achieved.

Training & Seminars

CETECOM communicates know-how, putting its own experience at the disposal of others: in addition to consulting, development, testing and certification services, CETECOM offers training sessions, seminars and workshops to its customers on all modern mobile communications technologies.

This offer applies both to technicians and to management and marketing personal. The contents are tailored precisely to the requirements of the participants and the training sessions and seminars are conducted by experts who deal with the technology in question in their daily work and have many years of experience.

If you are interested in participating in one of our seminars, please download and complete the below application form and send it to info(at)cetecom.com.

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