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CETECOM whitepaper about interference free coexistence of wireless technologies

For the classic wireless communication services, a so called frequency window exists in which communication technologies can operate. In particular frequencies between 600 MHz and 3 GHz are of special value due to its capability to penetrate buildings to a certain amount. At higher frequencies often line of sight is required because of the impact of humidity in the air and at lower frequencies other sources of radiation (e.g. our sun) and the need for a too large antenna size (wavelength related, for resonances in the range of meters) becomes less convenient.

This makes the frequency range a natural kind of resource

The multiple usage of wireless communication technologies has raised the question on how various technologies are able to coexist in once device while limiting the interference.

CETECOM’s new whitepaper provides insights, how manufacturers can create the best possible outcome from any given situation and what is needed for an interference free coexistence of wireless communication services.

Please download the whitepaper here.

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